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Natasha spoke to Women in Urbanism about her journey over the last ten years developing MATTER . SPACE . SOUL, her passion for making “Cities for People”, why we need to work with the “Invisible Landscapes” of places and come back to the questions of "who is the city really for?".

Together they discuss the importance of the psychological, emotional and social dimensions of places, how to create uplifting, joyful, enriching and meaningful environments for people and addressing pressing issues of urban living today.

“there is a need for this different type of perspective – a different way of seeing and creating – which is first about the effect of place on people, and understanding the power of design to create human outcomes and experiences, rather than just physical stuff”

Listed to the podcast interview on Spotify here: Podcast link


PLACES FOR PEOPLE; going deeper into the human dimension

  • Design for wellbeing; considering the emotional, psychological & social impact of places

  • Responding to the housing crisis & tackling loneliness, workspace design for mental health and joyful public art

  • Integrating insights; from psychology, anthropology and neuroscience into design

INCLUSIVE DESIGN; “who is the city really for?”

  • Designing for women’s and girl’s safety and comfort

  • Community co-creation; getting under the surface of what people need

  • Empathy; why it is key for creating more people-centred places


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