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Loneliness Lab: Design to connect talk

How to design for sociability, community and wellbeing through housing in particular. Loneliness Lab’s “Design to Connect” series of events in 2020. Our talk starts at 26.50mins

“Community, relationships, a sense of belonging and togetherness is really important to people and its fundamental for our mental health, wellbeing and happiness. And the way our homes and neighbourhoods are designed has the power to shape this; they can either be enabling or disabling for connection”


The programme of workshops and events were held over a two week period, the videos can be seen here:


How can housing typologies and design bring neighbours together.

Featuring MATTER . SPACE . SOUL, University of Cambridge and Mainstay


Exploring the changing nature of workplace and how to bring connection into new ways of working.

Featuring Lendlease, Savills and Workclub.

PUBLIC SPACE Exploring how the public realm can foster belonging and connection. Featuring Street Space, Urban Scale Interventions, Publica and Lendlease.

HIGH STREET AND COMMUNITY SPACES Exploring the value of shared spaces and how they can be reopened to be both welcoming and safe. Featuring If_Do Architects, Elephant Says Hi, HKS Architects and the Centre for Ageing Better


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