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Client: Cleveland & Co
Scope: Architecture & Interior design, Styling
Location: London


Agile wellbeing-led workspace for a female-led law firm


 Our clients were a new progressive, female-led law firm - Cleveland and Co -  who were quickly growing and needed an office to enable remote working, embody their company values and attract new talent. 


Their mission was to create an alternative type of law firm fit for the 21st century, with a collaborative non-hierarchical working ethos that supported flexible working patterns for a largely female workforce.  



To enable the team to work effectively both from home and the office, our design solution creates a series of flexible spaces which optimise wellbeing by providing the conditions for sociability, knowledge sharing, productivity and critically, a sense of connection and belonging.



CC_3_meeting room_lr.jpg


With remote working such a core part of the company’s work/life ethos, it was important to maximise human interaction when the team came together in the office, as it is key to enabling innovation, strong teamwork and the social bonds that building a common identity. It has been shown that a sense of purpose is critical to people’s wellbeing and happiness, and so we spent time understanding the company values and DNA  in order to create a space that could reflect the culture and have shared meaning for the staff.  The feel of the space brings a sense of the domestic to an industrial space, to break down any formal boundaries and create a warm and comfortable setting for building a sense of togetherness.




CC_5_towards kitchen_lr.jpg


The work environment is designed to be customisable and easily personalised by individuals, with screens created around each of their ergonomic sit/stand desks to enable each person to adapt their space to their needs.   


The bespoke desk screens also allow for a compact, efficient layout that also provides sense of privacy and enables each person to focus on their tasks without the distraction of neighbouring visual clutter. The screens were designed to finished below head height so conversations can easily happen, connecting people whilst still providing boundaries for concentrated work.


A meeting space for collaborative work was created, with bespoke reconfigurable tables so the teams could use the space in different formats. Curtains are used throughout the office to give quick and easy flexibility in making spaces more private or more connected, whilst also bringing an elegance that reflects the company’s values. The furniture and objects for the whole space were selected as part of the design, chosen for how they embody and reflect the spirit of the firm and its people.

The spatial solution we developed enables a wide range of different work modes and types of communication, whilst maximising a compact footprint and limited budget. The design was conceived as an adaptable kit-of-parts which could be implemented over time with minimal disruption, and also easily relocated and expanded on as the company grows into the future.




CC_2_entrance detail close_lr.jpg
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