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Intimate Infrastructure

Courtyard Hotel

Intimate Infrastructure / Housing  & Regeneration

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Winner of NLA’s New Ideas for Housing

Innovative proposals for high density development that is sensitive to human needs

Embassy for Refugees Pavilion /  Civic & Social Impact

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Transforming a hotel in central Berlin to create a welcoming "home from home" and an inspiring experience

Lake Hotel

Embassy for Refugees pavilions

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Creating a new 15000m2 wellness destination that lifts the spirits, inspires and encourages conviviality in a beautiful natural location

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An experimental concept space to give ambassadorial status to a humanitarian issue

River of Wells

Larch House

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A joyful public space project to bring life to the Thames Walk at Blackfriars Bridge

Light-filled reconfiguration of a family home to create more space to come together

Wastepicker Hall/ Delhi / Civic and Community

St Paul's Gardens / Public space & Landscape

Embassy for Refugees / Civic & Community

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