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NEXT GENERATION - Wallpaper* feature

We spoke to international design authority Wallpaper* magazine for their Next Generation series featuring the new wave of innovative design and approaches.

"Natasha Reid's designs champion social and psychological wellbeing"

"The world is changing and architecture is adapting, and a new wave of young practices in London emerges. They are armed with bold ideas, digital tools, new studio set ups and innovative designs and approaches. In our Next Generation series, join us in hailing this nexus of exciting studios from the UK capital through an ongoing series of weekly profiles. Among them, Natasha Reid of Matter Space Soul flags up the importance of people's social, emotional and psychological wellbeing in architecture"

Reid's considerate and subtle, yet innovative approach was spotted early on in her career...


This is a spatial practice with a difference – namely placing a focus on people’s emotional, social and psychological wellbeing.

‘We are passionate about reframing the way our built environments are created and look to spark change in the industry through innovative research projects that challenge the status quo,' says practice head Natasha Reid. ‘How we can better shape places in response to people’s needs, create solutions for changing patterns of life in the 21st century and develop new ways that are fit for the societal challenges and possibilities of today?'

While it is common for architecture professionals to place their user at the heart of their processes, taking an approach on the matter as proactive as that of Reid's is far rarer.

Emotional quality, wellbeing and the human experience are a recurring theme in Reid's work. ‘We believe that everyone should have the right to access places that enable them to flourish and grow in their lives'


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