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Client: City of London Corporation
Scope: Public realm/Urban design
Location: Blackfriars, London


An Experiential Installation to Ignite the Imagination


We were shortlisted as a finalist in an invited competition for emerging architecture practices held by Arup. We developed an experiential large-scale installation for their multi-storey atrium space, which would ignite people’s imagination and communicate the theme of what the future of the Built Environment might mean in the 21st Century

Forged Forest explores the need to reconcile the relationship between the man-made environment and the natural world and questions whether in the future the thresholds between the two will be blurred. Towering trees sculpted from steelwork rise through the atrium, creating a vertiginous landscape evoking the accelerating sky-ward growth and increasing complexity of the urban realm.



The delicate natural forms are forged from the language of the construction industry; rising rebar cages reach upwards to create columnar trunks, echoing the skywards growth of towers whilst diaphanous steel section canopies hover above casting ever-changing dappled light.

A soaring landscape is crafted from mundane materials, creating an immersive experience which transforms the entire atrium space to accentuate its verticality and draw the eye upwards towards the sky.




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