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Nature & Emotion

Nature, mental wellbeing, sustainability & urban environments

New biophilic painting series by wellbeing-led
multidisciplinary designer & artist Natasha Reid

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In these times of increasing stress, the “Nature and Emotion” series of paintings highlights the critical importance of nature in our daily lives and urban settings. The series is rooted in the concept of “Biophillia”, our affinity for the natural world and its benefits for mental health, wellbeing and happiness. It explores the sensory and experiential qualities of natural moments and celebrates the beauty of imperfection.

Art has the power to express things that can be hard to put into words. It can bring more harmony, healing and joy into people’s lives. Simply and quickly; through colour, form and texture.   
It can also help spark new thinking across challenging issues - like addressing the health of both people and planet.  

Natasha is a strong advocate for creating places to support human, social and ecological wellbeing together, through restorative approaches.  Her practice focuses on how places, objects, stories and rituals can better reconnect us to ourselves, to each other and to the world around.

For enquiries about the upcoming large scale series - 
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