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The Intimate Series is our on-going research and development programme that explores approaches to making a more people-orientated city by challenging the status quo. In the face of the housing crisis in London and at a time of increasing change, we believe that we need to rethink established industry models in order to address contemporary city challenges and accommodate 21st century patterns of life. 

The Intimate Series questions whether civic, economic, cultural and social values could be better stitched together. Seeking to go deeper than surface appearances and form, it asks; could design thinking be applied as a tool to unlock transformative change in addressing some of the most pressing challenges that society is facing? 




The Intimate Infrastructure concept was selected by the Mayor of London and New London Architecture as a winner in an international competition for innovative proposals to help solve the housing crisis in 2015. Following a high-level roundtable with senior GLA officials at City Hall to workshop how the ideas can be put into practice, the concept has been further developed with this publication as the outcome.

Intimate Infrastructure and Intimate Homes are a set of tools which advocate for a new type of regeneration; one which tackles the large scale changes urgently needed but is driven by human-centric, people-conscious values at its core.  The initiative set out a new conceptual framework with a toolkit of strategic principles and prototypes for delivering high density development at a “human scale”, ranging from the scope of a home to a neighbourhood.

The proposals are purposefully aspirational, polemical and open-ended; aiming to act as a springboard for cross-industry discussions rather than offering design as the single solution to multi-faceted and deeply complex problems. 

See our Intimate Homes toolkit for prototypes exploring new ways of living tailored to changing patterns of contemporary life.

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