There is now greater public awareness of the impact of our environment on quality of life, as well as increasing scientific evidence to show this. Every place and space today is ultimately competing on the experience it delivers - the need to deliver wellbeing-led built environments has never been stronger for attracting, retaining and engaging people. 

It’s not just about making a place effective, or even delightful, but going beyond to make places that bring out positive emotions in people, express their identities and support sociability and connectedness.



MATTER . SPACE . SOUL was founded to advance how places can be better shaped in response to people's needs.

Since inception, we have been sharing our forward-thinking design work and research, including speaking at the London Mayor’s housing conference on our solutions for the housing crisis. We have been awarded grants by organizations such as the British Council to develop fresh perspectives and strategies in response to the changing nature of living and cities.



International Development Fund




New Ideas for Housing

New London Architecture and

Greater London Authority


Conscious Cities Anthology 2019




The design of places can better connect us to ourselves, to those around us and to our surroundings.



Places have the power make us feel alive, spark sociability and lift the spirits. We all need more places that simply feel good to be in.

Architecture should be full of soul, and create places that can touch the spirit in ways we can’t always put our finger on


Our portfolio includes; experience-led hotels,

offices for a new law firm,

a City of London public space, a new rural arts hubs, 

headquarters for an ethical fashion brand, as well as

many one-off homes.


Each project is unique as our clients and those they serve.

So we work closely together in partnership to make enriching, restorative places -  joyful, sociable, vibrant, sensual, enticing, living and breathing environments. 


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FOUNDER; Natasha Reid

Passionate about the relationship between people and places, Natasha founded an experimental studio in 2014 which evolved into MATTER . SPACE . SOUL in 2019.  The studio now brings together architects, designers and thinkers who share in a people-centred ethos.


Natasha has previously worked at award-winning architecture practices whilst also being commissioned as a socially-engaged artist. This combination led to a multidisciplinary approach in understanding the quality of people’s experience of places, and the social and emotional impacts of our environments.

Natasha studied at Cambridge University and gained a Distinction for her Professional Diploma in Architecture. She is a visiting architecture critic at several universities and is often invited to speak publicly at industry conferences on the studio’s boundary-pushing approaches and forward-thinking research initiatives.




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Come and talk to us about ideas or new projects - admin@matterspacesoul.com

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